We create digital solutions to business problems

We combine technology, design and over a decade of experience in working with enterprises to help our clients streamline and integrate their business processes. We provide solutions which allow your company to benefit from the digital revolution.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our mission is improving three key problem areas in any enterprise:

We streamline and automate everyday tasks. This means they get done faster, with less errors and with less resources needed to complete them.
We enable more informed decision-making through custom-made data mining, analysis and visualization solutions. This means greater returns on yearly and quarterly investments with less margin for error.
We provide integrated solutions which reshape the core business processes of the enterprise. This means you can leverage your resources in new ways, enabling you to take on new business opportunities.

Our Key Solutions

Some of the work we did for our clients:

Dedicated Tooling for EHS

A dedicated suite of mobile apps which enabled the digitization of on-site EHS tasks. With a throughput of hundreds of reports and observations per day, we have effectively made paper EHS reports obsolete.

Data Integration Platform

A custom, real-time data source integration solution. The main challenge was combining multiple public and private data sources into a single, common-format repository which automatically integrates with key suppliers.

Modular Component based Visual Language

A component system for visualizing massive quantities of data in a cohesive and employee-friendly manner. The key challenge was to provide a comprehensive, multi-level yet clear system in accordance with a predefined business logic.

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